Yearly Archives: 2018

The Super Clients

Every small business has these special customers; you know who I mean, the regulars who come often to your place and spend nice money. They love your restaurant and are happy to enjoy a good meal at your place. I call them, the super clients.

But these customers are not just good clients,

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Simplify Your Restaurant Business

The older I grow, the more I like simple things.

Simple doesn’t mean dumb or easy, or idiotic. Simple means stripping down the superfluous, the unnecessary, the complicated, the redundant to focus on the core, on what it is really important, on the essence.

This could be applied to anything: to your personal life and also to your restaurant business.

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Going Back to Basics

Many restauranteurs spend an incredible amount of money in marketing, trying to fill in their restaurants with customers.

However, often they forget the basics: Their food is just OK and their service could be improved.

Customers are smart. They might go to a restaurant once or twice attracted by a clever marketing campaign,

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